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Unable to see anything in Anim Picker

mgear 4.0.3
In both Maya 2018 and 2019 the Anim Picker window is blank for me. I try loading the biped template or adding my own controls and the window does not show any controls. I’ve tried reinstalling mgear with the same result. Is there a setting I’m missing, or is this incompatible with 2018/2019?

It should work in 2018/2019. What OS? Are you getting any errors or warnings in the script editor?

Can you show a screenshot of the picker? I’m curious how much is missing or not functioning. I guess you do have the buttons like “Load” and “Refresh” at the top, since you said you are trying to load the template?

If you right click in the picker window, do you see this menu?


Windows 10. There’s no errors, just nothing displayed at all. I can bring up the right-click menu, but none of the view options help.

Weird. Any other clues you can think of?

Have you tried it on another computer?

What is your monitor setup? (resolution, multiple monitors, etc.) I ask because last year there was a bug where on high density displays like Retina screens, there were offset problems. Maybe there is something similar, and all your buttons are drawing far away outside of the bounds of the UI.

What graphics card? Do you ever have any other display issues? Related, or unrelated.

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Ahhh it was screen scaling. This was happening on my work laptop, which had 125% default. Setting it to 100% fixed the issue.