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Updating to 4.0.16 stable and compatible with 4.0.9 rigs


just curious if its safe to move to that version while i have several rigs done with 4.0.9 at this point?

What are the issues corrected and ev. added functionality?

Thank you

nobody has tried 4.0.16 so far?

You can see the list of commits here: Commits · mgear-dev/mgear4 · GitHub

Is it safe? That depends on the size and skill of your production and tech team. I suggest to backup and test first before putting it into production. (Good idea even for releases.)


thanks as always Chris.
But that means you havent tried it with older / 4.0.9 rigs?

I don’t upgrade mid-production. I’m still running 3.7.11 and 4.0.7, depending on the project.

makes sense. Thank you