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Updating to mGear 4.1 breaks my old template

Hi mGear forum!

I’ve build a few guides with mGear 4.0.9, and upon switching to mGear 4.1 and trying to build my old guides it does not build.
I get the following error message:
“The guide doesn’t seem to be up to date. Check logged messages and update the guide.”

I have tried updating the guide and reloading the components, but it does not fix it.
As a note, I have built my own modules based on existing modules, and I have edited existing modules. Is it possible this is the cause for my issue?

How can I get mGear 4.1 to a stable state?

Thank you in advance!

When you update the guide, do you get any errors or warnings?

You said it doesn’t fix it, but maybe the update isn’t even finishing.

Another thing you might try is to export the guide as a template, and then load it again as a template. And if exporting doesn’t work on an out-of-date guide, maybe try exporting the template from 4.0.9, and then import from 4.1.

To test if your custom modules are a problem, load a fresh scene, and try and draw your components as guides. If they work, then that isn’t the issue.

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My templates were also broken, but the warnings I got were helpful. I’ll share my experience with new version in case it might be helpful to anyone. So basically in the 4.1 version. some of the controls have control text removed, so if you have hardcoded that in your custom scripts then you need update that.
Another thing that was removed is the second top group of final joint structure. In previous version it was something like this: jnt_org → root_jnt_grp → root_jnt → etc.
in 4.1 version, there is only one group: jnt-org → root_jnt → etc.
Also if you have extracted rig control shapes under: guide → controllers_org. Then you also need to remove the control text from some of them. Finally make sure to update the Guide before you build the rig. Hope this helps.
I’m noticing some other small bugs with UI, but I’ll post them in new thread.

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Hi @Gabriel I think the issue is related with this ticket

But if is possible can you send me your guide to test with the fix before I do the release of 4.1.1?
I am planning to do it in the next few days. Thanks


@Miquel Ops! so this is a bug? :sweat_smile: I thought that was an intentional update to remove the unnecessary “control” text from the name as you can already have “Ctl” as suffix. So I was actually happy for that hahah. But good to know that this is a bug. Sure I’ll send you a sample to test it. Can you also look into the Guide settings window. Once it’s open I can never close it unless I close Maya (I’m using Maya 2022.5) and this happens on new mGear version only (4.1.0). Cheers.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did not get any warnings, but it did work to export/import the guide. Thank you very much.

I exported from 4.1 to 4.1.