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Using a rig made in mGear on a computer that does not have mGear installed



I’m currently working in a project where I am the rigger/animator and I use mGear, which is working great!
However one problem I have is when I need to share the rig to other artists that don’t have mGear installed and when they open my files they get errors citing that there are missing mGear nodes.
We collaborate with outsourcing studios and I am concerned about sending them files and expecting them to install mGear just to even open up and view the rigs for our project.

Is there a way to export rigs so that they can be opened on computers that don’t have mGear installed?


Hey Sabastian,

As far as I can tell, mGear uses it’s own solvers in most components that come with Shifter by default.
Unless you’ve built custom components that don’t use any of the solvers, it’s difficult to share the rig.

You could ask the outsourcing companies if they are open to installing mGear.


Thank you for your response!

Ah ok, then it is as I feared and I have to get them to install mGear.
It shouldn’t be too complicated for them because mGear is not super difficult to install.

I just asked because I know that whenever you give people a little of extra complexity it’s easy for things to fail or for them to give up.

Now I need to make sure everyone has the same version! :slight_smile:


Also don’t forget that any render machines need to have the solvers loaded as well, unless you have some kind of a baking pipeline.