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Using Mgear rig on another computer


Hi I was wondering how you use this Mgear rig I build on other peoples computers at my company. So far it looks like I have to install mgear on all of the animators computers (2)? Am I missing something
(i am using maya 2018)



You only have to install the mGear solvers. Not the entire mGear installation.

But the easiest way is to put mGear (or just the solvers) on a network path.

Then add this line to the animators’ Maya.env file:



Thanks Chris, Well my main problem is sending renders to the render farm with 70 Nodes and I don’t have a way to do that for every Node so I would have to manually do that. I forgot to mention that. But I was hoping that the solvers would just be used to build the rigs and not be required on every computer it is used by.


Why don’t you have a way to do that for every node?

Alternatively, we bake our rigs to Alembic for rendering. Could consider that.


Not sure but my IT person does not know how to do it. Yea Alembic works for sure. Just making sure I haven’t missed a button or a script I was unaware of. Thanks for the info!



Hello @JonStoll

It is pretty common to have custom nodes on rigs. Sometimes if can be nodes coming from the rigging system but sometimes it can be other nodes coming from external parts that you might find handy to use. How those get shared into a pipeline depend on each studio pipeline workflow.

If you guys are sending animaiton scenes to the farm for actual renders then yes you will need to have mGear solvers installed somewhere in your pipeline so that the entire farm has access to those and that the Maya sessions have access to them of course. You guys are not restricted to keep all mgear system on the farm machines. As @chrislesage mentioned you can only share the solvers. You can put them whetherver you want and use Maya’s MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH environment variable to point to where mgears shared solvers are in your server.