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Wacom latency on Remote Workstations

Hey Everybody!

I have been following this forum for years now, and I have used mGear for a long time in production.
Just want to take the time, to thank you for an exceptional tool!
This will be my first ever post on the forum, and it has nothing to do with rigging :slight_smile:

I would like to know if anybody have experience painting weights on a Remote Workstation?
I tried Teradici, Anydesk and Remote desktop.
When painting weights with a mouse the latency is actually not bad. But painting with a mouse is not really an option.

I have a Wacom, and according to the Teradici site, they do not support Wacoms remotely.
Is there a solution out there, or are we doomed??

I use Parsec, which has full Wacom support.

Hey @Jakes,

I have not have success in the past with any remote solutions. My company is using Parsec same as @izze just mentioned. I have not tested this out myself as of yet, but from what I can see that it does and accomplishes, might be a worth while solution to look into?

Thank you for your replies @JaschaW @izze .

Very nice to see you Jascha! Thrust you are doing well.

With further investigation we realized that the submarine-data cable that runs from South-Africa to the rest of the World have a Latency of 160ms.
We need at least 25ms for a drawing tablet to respond correctly.
In your own country, with a normal dateline, drawing tablets will respond correctly.
It seems like my only option is to move closer to to server overseas. :upside_down_face:

Have a great day and speak soon!

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