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Wayne, Batman Rig

Hi! This is my last mGear rig, Wayne. Modeled by my dear friend (and also enthusiastic mgear user!) Miguel Angel Castillo. You can download it free from my gumroad site:

Quite a lot of RBF, y 3 tab custom animpicker for control rig selection.



Thanks @Milio for sharing your work here!

BTW: here is the short



Thank you for the contribution and great work on the short!

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I agree. I think it is awesome that people are sharing work like this. Thanks for the community @Milio

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a great job :bat:
interesting how facial rigging solved everything with mgear?

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Thank you!! I didn’t use any mGear facial rig solution as such. I found cable component very nice to achieve shapes based on a curve and tangents. In addition with the ik to another connected to anotehr part of the face rig.

I used it for lips, left and right, up and down, parenting the cable component under the mouth upper and bottom lip control, then set the ik to the mouth corner controls. Doing it this way the cable is constrained between the two of them and behaves nice. Then i did some custom rigging on top to control the tangent when manipulating the mouth corner and job done.

Pretty much the same for eyebrows: set them between frown and the side of the head.

I know is not very animation friendly, and pretty tricky with certain poses, especially lips…but I was pretty happy with the results, considering face rig is not particularly the strongest of my skills. 8-D

Learnt a lot out of it anyway, next one will be better!



How did you do the RBF joints for the biceps and triceps? Is that an mgear component?

Hi! I used the RBF manager tool that comes with mGear. This rig contains a few of them to make animators life bit easier.


the guides are not included in the scene as it seems!

Could i have that so i can reverse study the components?

thanks a lot for the contribution

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Sure thing! I included in the gumroad site WayneGuide.sgt and Wayne_rbf.rbf files. The rig is not anyhow final from the mGear guide, some components need to be re-parented and the overall face rig was done manually after the rig was built but is mostly working and you will be able how I set it up.


I was going through your rig files and I couldn’t find how you moved/rotate the cable tips as you move the mouth corner, I couldn’t find a mention of them on the RBF file, neither it looks like they have some set of Set Driven key. How did you do it?

Hi! no a fan of set driven keys. It is all in the node editor, connecting transformations through multiply divide and conditions nodes. Cheers.

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ah ok, that makes sense I couldn’t find them.
I can imagine you did the same for other controls, like the eyeslook that controls both eyes at the same time?

hey! no, the look at is a simple switch space, IK reference array in control01 properties.
This comes in the default biped guide template.

I meant the individual (left and right) eye controllers following the bigger eyeslook controller (like a parent)