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WeighNode problem


When I try to open RBF manager in maya 2024 I get this error:

Unloaded plugin: weightDriver.mll from path: C:/mgear/release/platforms/2024/windows/x64/plug-ins\weightDriver.mll
Error: TypeError: file C:\mgear\release\scripts\mgear\rigbits\weightNode_io.py line 134: ‘>=’ not supported between instances of ‘NoneType’ and ‘str’

This is the line 134 of that file:

if wd_version > “3.6.2”:

Any solution to this? I have 4.1.0 version of mgear. The latest in the repository. I also have the latest pymel version installed.


I’ve deleted the quotes in 3.6.2 and it works. Maybe it’s a typo. Maybe @Miquel can confirm this.

We have a fix ready for this issue ;). I will relase 4.1.1 hotfix in the next few days


Now when I try to open RBF manager I get this error:

Error: SyntaxError: file C:\mgear\release\scripts\mgear\rigbits\rbf_io.py line 23: invalid syntax 

I deleted that import command of weightNode because I have the SHAPES one installed. Then I get this error:

 Error: NameError: file C:\mgear\release\scripts\mgear\rigbits\rbf_io.py line 31: name 'weightNode_io' is not defined

Is this another issue?

I’m using Maya 2024.1 with pymel 1.4.0 installed and SHAPES plugin with it’s weight node.


Gracias por tu atención Miquel, el plugin que estáis desarrollando es magnifico. :wink: