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Weight driver conflict


I am using SHAPES (Latest version) + Mgear (4.1.2)
Maya 2023.3

When launching SHAPES i get an error in the script editor regarding the outdated version of weight driver solver (its finding 3.6 and SHAPES / latest version is using 4.0

My question: In the Maya settings / plugins i can deactivate the weight driver installed by Mgear+ activate the one installed by SHAPES. Will this case any issues in Mgear OR can the weight driver solver be updated to match?

Thank you

@actoratwork Sorry for the trouble. mGear should detect the SHAPES version an load that first.
We will review the logic.

As a workaround just delete the the weightdriver.mll bundle with mGear So you have only one version.

mGear will work without a problem with any version of the driver.


Gracias Miquel

as a workaround, what i have been doing for now: in the Maya settings / Plugins - i am deactivating Mgears weight driver + loading the most recent one from SHAPES

I’m not sure it works without problem with any version :sweat_smile:

Tried to do some rbf using the newest weightdriver from braverabbit, which actually says on the website, will break compatibility with old setups. And I got some very weird results, basically making using rbf manager impossible. The radius where the pose activates is super small, making the driven control basically go in and out of poses constantly.

Tried again loading the weightdriver from mgear install and everything works better. Now wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if the newest weightdriver doesn’t exactly work with mgear just yet?

Will probably downgrade shapes, because right now rbf manager is more important for me.


you can also just load/swap the weightdriver in the plugin manager, as needed

that way you dont need to downgrade

Not elegant but works…

Yeah, just tried that if I make the rbf with the weightdriver from mgear loaded, it seems to work fine when I change the plugin to the newer one. Which makes me think can this be about some default settings being different between the plugin versions?

Or if something strange happened when I tried it last time, gotta see if I can somehow replicate what happened.

Well did a quick test, and yes there is a difference between the weightdrivers when using rbf.

Here is the same setup with the new and old weightdrivers, and you can clearly see that the curve in which the pose is activated is very different when in the halfway position of the pose. The old one activates in a linear fashion, but the new one is on a very steep curve, which makes using it on rbf poses very finicky.

Not sure if there is something that can be done on mgears side to get the settings to match when using rbf manager?

I need to research this issue.
But if you started the rig with one version I will avoid updating SHAPES until the project is finished.
The RBF manager supports both versions, but yes the result is different and you should author your RBF poses after updating to the new version of SHAPES
I am sorry for the inconvenience