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When building leg_3jnt_01 everything parented under doesn't get a control


So I’ve tried multiple things, recreating the legs and paws again etc, but whenever I build the rig the paw controls (or anything parented under the leg_3jnt_01 for that matter) doesn’t get the controls build. The joints are there but no controls. In the script editor I also don’t get an error.

What could be the problem?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Mery :slight_smile:


Had to upload all the screenshots separately. Sorry!

@Meryuhmm They are hidden under this joint, expand this (shift+left click) and you should be able to see the root group of the toes.

Their hierarchical relationship can be changed, using constraints to recreate the relationship to hide unwanted joints (outside of skinning joints).


Oh thank you so much! Really helped me a lot haha