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When I drop drag_n_drop_install.py in Maya2022, I get an error

import maya.app.general.executeDroppedPythonFile as myTempEDPF
myTempEDPF.executeDroppedPythonFile(“F:/mGear/drag_n_drop_install.py”, “”)
del myTempEDPF

Error: NameError: file F:/mGear\drag_n_drop_install.py line 40: name ‘long’ is not defined

get an error like this.
What should I do?

are you starting Maya 2022 in Python2 ?

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Do you have to start maya 2022 in Python 2 every single time? Even after the install?

yes, if not will not work

we are working on mGear Python 3 but not ETA yet