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Why does my upper teeth move with the jaw?

Im using the shifter piped on my mGearman and somehow does the upper teeth joint move if i move the jaw. The teeth are 100% skinned to the teeth joint.
Is this the standard behavior?

I just checked the biped template. I don’t see any teeth. Is this something you added? (edit: oh oops, I’m behind on the new face features.)

in the mouth component we have 2 joints for upper and lower teeth. When you close and compress the jaw up. the upper teeth is also moved up.
That was design mainly for cartoon characters when I was working and SHED in Montreal.
If you don’t want that behaviour, just use a control_01 instead

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That makes sense now.
But the teeth are also stretching. This shouldnt be possible if they are only weighted to one joint.

yep, that doesn’t look correct. Are you using Maya 2019? or other update? Send me a sample scene, please :slight_smile:

Its the latest mGearMan. I use Maya 2020.

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is it 2020 or 2020.1/2020.2?

Oh sorry its Maya 2020.2

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