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WINDOWS: Help me install MGEAR step by step. MAYA 2024. I have no idea what I'm doing

Hey! I’m trying to install MGEAR to use a free rig from AGORA - but I have no idea what I’m doing. There is a bit of an assumption that I will speak the lingo of someone who has been around the block. I need someone to show me what block we’re walking on, and keep me upright while we stroll, because my knees are hammered from all of the stumbling and my head is aching from the circles I’ve made.

All I need is a bit of guidance. Where do I get the download file? Where do I put the download file? I hear there’s a command I need to execute. Where the blazes do I do that? (Is there a Guillotine involved?)

Pretend I have no idea what anyone is talking about. Talk to me like a fifth grader. A fourth grader. A monkey. Just help me get this done. I might kiss you.

Thanks, you darned heroes.

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Thanks @corvineMaster ! I notice you link to the thread where p.alex.ducos mentioned they solved it. I also notice that thread could really use your written out instructions, so if you don’t mind I’ll move them to that thread! :raised_hands:

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I don’t want to clutter the Official Installation support thread so could I ask this question here?

I only have Maya 2022 and Maya 2019 so I can’t test mGear in 2023 or 2024 and the installation thread and Miquel’s video are making me wonder about something.

Miquel is installing Pymel and launching Maya 2022 in Python 2 mode.

Do final users/animators who want to use mGear rigs in the latest versions of Maya 2023 and Maya 2024 need to also install Pymel and launch Maya in Python2 if it is at all possible or they only need to drag and drop the install file in their viewport?

I was hoping to release one of my rigs to the public but if they need to install Pymel and create a .bat file to launch Maya, I doubt they will be interested to go through those hurdles.

I did test my rig in Maya 2022 without installing Pymel or launching in Python 2 environment and the rig is working so I have a bit of hope it will work with a basic installation of Maya 2023 and 2024 but could anyone confirm?

The rig users will only need Pymel/Python 3 in order to rebuild the rig in Maya 2023 or 2024. Otherwise, it should work fine.

Ok so the final user/animator doesn’t need Pymel nor start Maya 2024 in Python 2.

Perfect, thanks.

Not if they want to use the built-in tools like IK/FK switch or Anim Picker or any other menu tools. But the main rig will work.

Thanks Chris, I guess I need to upgrade to Maya 2024 to check all possible issues then. The IK/FK switch could indeed be an issue.