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Working with git submodules

What’s the normal workflow when making changes to a submodule of mgear_dist, such as for instance rigbits?

Currently what I’m doing is forking mgear_dist and rigbits to my GitHub account.
Checking out mgear_dist
Changing the url for rigbits in mgear_dist/.gitmodules to point to my forked rigbits
Running “git submodule sync” to update it
Create a feature branch mgear_dist/framework/rigbits and working on the code there.

This way I can run scons to build the whole thing from mgear_dist, and simply set MAYA_MODULES_PATH to point to my mgear_dist/release folder for testing.

Once I’ve got a feature done that I would like to share, I guess I would push my changes in rigbits back up to my GitHub account, and run a pull request to mgear-dev/rigbits from there.

Does this workflow make sense? Or is there are a better way to do this?

Hello @ragnar

Yes looks like it make sense.
I am sorry that is needed all this to have a submodule fork in your github working with mgear_dist

We are changing that structure in mgear4 to have a single repo

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Thanks for the reply. Submodules just take a bit getting used to working with, but this works fine for now. Looking forward to mGear 4. :slight_smile:

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