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Wrong position of arm/leg root joints

It seems that arm/leg root joints aren’t created exactly at the guide location. The difference in location is small but this is not because of some rounding or something like that. The same issue is with the knee/elbow joint when there are no support joints there.

Is there a way to somehow fix such behavior?

Maya 2019.3, mgear 3.7.11

yes, that is normal due to the rollspline implementation and precision rounding. We need to place it at 0.9999 or 0.00001 so the roll and tangent take effect.
Are you working on a very small scale?

Thank you for replying!
Well, I’m trying the setup where mgear rig is driving my already existing sceleton. The overall scale of a setup is pretty big (about 10x of a default guide template) but the difference in joints locations still leads to some unnecessary rotations.