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Zog - Another Triggerfish Animation


Trailer Here - Zog Aired on BBC for Magic Light’s Christmas special.

The IMDB page doesnt currently reflect all the nominations and awards, But It has been very well received at all the festivals its aired at around the world. Bringing home a few awards too.

All of the body and prop rigs were done using MGear. The quick and easy set-up combined with the customization and functionality of mGear really helped make the rigging a relative breeze!

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Miquel and all of the other mGear developers and contributors for providing us with such an amazing tool that helped make all of this possible.



That is an awesome style! Great work!


@Justin_Pedersen thanks for sharing it here!
I had the luck to watch it here in Japan in NHK (Japan national TV)
My kids love it! :smiley: