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4.0.9 Joints Description Names error

The Epic_neck_01 component has a incorrect label in it and a bad name by default.
This is what you see when you create one from scratch.

this cased a small bug on my end when i was re-generating a rig that was built on 4.0.7

I had put this as the rules for naming my joints in the rig : {description}{side}
I guess it didn’t play nice with the new naming since the neck was flagged as spine. It generated a rig with no issues except it didn’t create a Joint at the neck controller.

I mean I just entered neck in the description and it was fine after but the label still says spine… not a SUPER urgent bug to fix just an FYI.

Keep up the amazing work!


Thanks for the feedback. I will check this ASAP

I have fixed it here.

Will be in the next release.