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4 questions - No wrist rotation, Fingers deformation, Wrist rorate when translate it, how to detach join?


I have 4 question from newbie user of mGear. I made video with voice about it because its hard to describe my problems. Please watch. Thank you.

  1. Why IK wrist isnt roatating?
  2. How to detach control from rig?
  3. Why fingers deform when moving IK wrist
  4. Why IK wrist rotate when translate?
  1. Why IK wrist isnt rotating?
    Your fingers/hand should be parented to arm effector not wrist. arm_C0_eff

  2. Those strange arrays are the answer to your second question.
    In arm you’re setting them up, so you have correct space switching.
    For example, in control_01 you can set IK Ref Array in Component Settings Tab - to define what are the parents of the controller.
    As host, you can set a controller that should keep attributes for that
    As a connector, you can decide whether it is both translation and orientation or only orientation.

  3. Check if the first point will fix the issue.


Thanks! All problems with the wrist are gone! But I have still have problem with second question.

  1. I added bone from elbow
  2. I added for it all posibble thing to his Array
  3. It is still effected by controllers in diffrent way

When you’ll check the nodes - its a simple parent constraint - so probably your controller is affected by one of arm joints. Try to parent it to root or spine and try again - should be more stable.

If you need that joint to be parented to arm joints, then you’d need to play a bit with a post script and prevent the controller to take scale / rotation from the joint.


Thank you very much! Everything works as should now! As you said I needed to play a little bit with Arrays in “weapon” bone. Also. I needed to turn off (0) the “Volume” thing in IK controller hand