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A pose question?


Hey guys I made a short video asking a question about A pose, just wanted your general opinions about it.


Hey @dew,

Thanks for the video. I actually did not know about that trick, will definitely take a look into it!

You are correct in saying there is always this “trade-off” that you have to find - be it studio, or animators - the method that I always used was just to separate the translate and rotate into two different controllers. The translate will have the world space and the rotate will have the local space of the joint. Comes at the cost of animators needed to manage an extra controller.

I found that to be the least hacky way and also pretty simple without having to over complicate anything. Tools, rigs, code, etc…

Some of the components within mGear has that option to separate that functionality out for you, so you can take a look into that too if you are interested.

Great question and would like be interested in what others have to say on this topic! :grinning:

ty for the reply @JaschaW yeah I will more then likely have to come up with a solution to keep the animators happy. The only concern I have is having too many controllers for one point of articulation. Quality of life sort of thing not really a must have though. But I am definitely looking into it pretty thoroughly. Mostly I’m just curious as to what everyone’s opinion on this was and I’m really grateful to hear your thoughts.

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Hello @dew

Finally I have manage to get some time to catch up here in the forum. And watched your video.

The solution with the joint is a good one, indeed I was advised by some colleagues to do it a long time ago, but as many other things were postponed and postponed.

Currently, mGear builds the IK control with some values to align with the world orientation axis in A pose and have a separated control for orientation. (However, this is optional)

But one important thing to remember is that translation curves are referenced to the parent control so thinking in local axis for translation curves sometimes can be misleading :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I completely agree, the local translation is something as an animator I always wanted to avoid. I’ve had to use some rigs before that that translate curves on an angle like that and I just had to deal with it. Just something I always thought about throughout the years and wanted other people’s thoughts on it.

Always great to hear your opinion in it!


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