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Add a chain of bones from the Spine ( doesn't follow)

Hello !

Here is my question. I have a large character and I want to add some bones on the fat of the belly and on the side like in this picture.

I tried with several guide, all the type of “Chain” however the problem I have is that, the chains added followed the hips but not the spline. Example down there.

As you see in the last, even if the spine move, the added bones don’t. I don’t know if I missed a parameter or if it’s just not the right guide.

Thank you very much for your time

this is how it works the current implementation of the system. Just need to re-parent under the desire control by hand or using a custom step .
Just take the root of the component you want to parent. Don’t reparent the controls becasue you will lose part of the structure of the component (For example the control _npo (that is the node to keep the rest values of translation, rotation, scale))

I hope this helps.

Yes, it helps a lot, Thank you very much !

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