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Adding Space Switch

I am working on weapon rigs and would like to add multiple 2 pivot points to the chain. Pivot points are kind of defined and I would like to add a space switch to the chain so it can have a dynamic parent. Is there are good workflow for it?

You say “the chain”, but I don’t know what that is referring to. What Shifter component do you mean?

Otherwise, in general, if you want to add space switches and you are using a component that doesn’t have that option, you could parent that component underneath a control_01 component, and add whatever space switches you want to that control_01 parent.

But maybe the point of your question is more about changing the pivot point? But the topic is “Adding Space Switch”. So I think you should explain a bit more, or show a picture please. :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for the response. The pivot point and space switch are kind of related.
I am using epic chain for a weapon that needs attachment points. For now, I have used two Epic chains at the preferred location and parented them under other chains to have offset controls.

I would like to make it cleaner and flexible and use one chain only. so, in the end, I can switch between these two.

Are you talking about an IK reference array? Those allow for the automatic creation of space switches. It’s not available on EPIC_chain_01, but it is available on chain_01 and chain_02. You can add the control roots to it, and it’ll be added when the rig is built. The only difference I can find between the two modules is that chain_01 allows for IK and has different naming conventions for the joints.

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