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Advice please... model symmetry?

Hi fellow mGear heads,
I’m looking for opinions… I’m rigging a human from a scan of an actor. The A pose he held for the scan was very good, but obviously not symmetrical. Would you make the mesh symmetrical and then build the rig, or would you build an asymmetrical rig?

If you are going for high realism, or a particular style, asymmetry could be fine.

But it can double parts of your work, since you can’t mirror things like blendshapes or skinning as easily. Especially in the face.

In general, I recommend rigging symmetrically. And if you really want to go asymmetrical, store the original asymmetrical version as a blendshape to add on top of the rig later on. (Some blendshapes might need tweaking after that. But that is more time/cost-effective than doing them all individually.)


I agree with @chrislesage here. You should always try to rig it symmetrical to avoid head-hakes. The asymmetry of mesh can be applied within a blendshape and the skeletal asymmetry can come from an offset rig in your asset.
If you have even asymetrical topology I would recommend trying to make one that is so that you build your things on the symmetrical topologycal one and then you transfer all the deformation chain (in world space) to your non symmetrical topology… Of course both meshes need to be on the same pose.