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Anim Picker ; Can't Scale UI Button in Maya2020.2 with mGear3.6.0

I get this Error in AnimPicker Scale Button in [X] [Y] [XY]

Windows 10 , Maya2020.2 , mgear 3.6.0

Hope for Fixing Soon.

<code># Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "//Hoge/mgear_3.6.0/scripts/mgear/anim_picker/widgets/", line 79, in click_event
#     self.callback(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
#   File "//Hoge/mgear_3.6.0/scripts/mgear/anim_picker/widgets/", line 966, in scale_event
#     self.picker_item.scale_shape(**kwargs)
#   File "//Hoge/mgear_3.6.0/scripts/mgear/anim_picker/widgets/", line 2546, in scale_shape
#     handle.scale_pos(x, y)
#   File "//Hoge/mgear_3.6.0/scripts/mgear/anim_picker/widgets/", line 1538, in scale_pos
#     self.setPos(self.pos() * factor)
# TypeError: # 'PySide2.QtCore.QPointF.__mul__' called with wrong argument types:
#   PySide2.QtCore.QPointF.__mul__(QTransform)
# Supported signatures:

@Ritaro Thanks for reporting this. I confirm that I can reproduce it on my side.

@Rafael I am sorry to ask for more. But can you check this one? I test it with 2020.3 and get same error. Thanks!

Hey @Miquel @Ritaro

I will take a look!


Hey @Ritaro @Miquel

Do you think you can walk me through how to recreate the issue? I was unable to on my end.

Thank you

@Rafael I get the error in Maya 2020.3 just clicking in one of the scale buttons

btw: this is not happening in Maya 2018

Lets see if it works!


This has been Fixed :grinning:

Thank you !!