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Anim Picker not saving new buttons

Hi guys! First of all, thanks for the amazing mGear!
I’m having an issue with AnimPicker: I add new buttons to basic biped rig and they are not saved. When I click Refresh of Save and then load my newly made picker - my new buttons are gone(
Please, help!
Maya 2018, mGear version: 3.4.0

@Ann_U Hello!

Are you saving to a node in the scene or an external file?

Screenshots are welcome of the picker and the load/save page for more context. Thank you!

Hi Rafael!

Retracing my steps I’m doing the following:

  • after this, I reassign duplicated buttons for another arm controls

  • I save to the file (I tried saving to the node and both, the problem stays the same)

  • when I reload the picker or click Refresh I go to the picker I started with, so legs controls are still deleted, but my new arm controls are not there

Attaching picker file here as well:
I asked a friend to do something similar and he also faced the same issue.

Sorry for lots of messages, new users can only put one image and two links in the message)
Hope this helps!


Thank you for the images. Sorry you are running into these errors.

In the images you shared(thanks) I do not see a path set for the “save to file” selection. Perhaps that is an issue? I do think there is a bug in anim_picker where if you both save to file and node are selected it seems to ignore the saving to node part. This is unconfirmed, I just noticed it once and havent looked into it further yet.

Also I see that you have an older version of anim_picker/mgear, one where the save/load/info widgets are not being correctly resized to fit the window. You may want to update to the latest version to get rid of that as well.

Set a path to the picker file on your desktop and give it a save and we can see if the .pkr file is changing on disk and go from there.

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Hi @Rafael !
I’ve updated to the latest version of mGear, but the issue still stays.
Attaching screen recording and picker on my google drive:

I don’t have permission to view the link. I requested permission.

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permission was granted!

Interesting, I looked at your video and was unable to recreate the error that you demonstrated. Every time the file was saved correctly, I loaded your pkr file and it looked just as the one in your video, correct.

The thing I noticed was after saving the picker in your video, and when you open the non-edit version of the gui the node in the scene does not seem to be updated at all. But when I do it on my end it always reflects the latest edits I made.

When you load your picker file, can you try to give it a new name or delete the existing one to see if it load correctly?

Also, if you could look at your script editor to see if there are any silent errors being printed that would be great.

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