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Anim Picker UI buttons hidden

Anim Picker -> Edit Anim Picker

Load and Save widget overlays are hidden:

using mgear 3.6.0 on osx

This is a known issue. It is already fixed for the next release.
For the moment the workaround is just to make the window bigger :slight_smile:

The picker window is docked under the ‘Load Picker’ button, no matter how far you stretch the window it still stays on top of the button; at least this is the behavior I see on OSX which has plenty of qt UI issues for sure. I will use our custom picker UI for now until next release.

Thanks for the 3.6.5 hotfix.

I can get a little further in the interface but the widget window is still docked incorrectly. Is there a button missing or hidden here?:

Could you point me to the code where the widget windows get docked in the UI and I can try to move it somewhere else and fix it for OSX?

yes, 2 buttons are missing
I have an old Mac min. I will check there. @Count_zer0 may I know the Maya version that you are using?

@Rafael can you point to @Count_zer0 where is the code ? Thanks!

I’m using Maya 2018.7 osx. Same behavior in 2017 as well.

Hello @Count_zer0
Sorry you are encountering issues. I do not have a macOs machine to test on myself. But hopefully this code snippet can help you out.

from mgear import anim_picker
pkr_ui = anim_picker.load(edit=True, dockable=False)
# load ui
# save ui

# To see what you have access to. Linked below in more detail

Let me know if this helps or if you see what might be causing the issue so we can fix!

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There’s a bug in the tab_widget:

    def add_tab_widget(self, name="default"):
    '''Add control display field
    self.tab_widget = ContextMenuTabWidget(self, main_window=self)

It draws on top of the overlay widgets. I’ve spent 2 days trying to reverse engineer this ui code and can’t get the tab to go away or move around. Another dev needs to run this on OSX and fix this.

I’m moving onto cgmTools until it gets done.

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Hi @Count_zer0 Thanks for the feedback.

I have logged it on GitHub

Hey @Count_zer0

This may have been solved with this recent commit


It does, indeed, solve. Thank you!