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animPicker in maya 2020 display tiny menu buttons

Just starting to use animPicker and have found that the character selection, picker loading, and namespace selection buttons in the main window are tiny and unreadable. I am using a cintiq pro 24, with windows so this may be something specific to that hardware setup? I can select the buttons, so they are functional, and can get my work done for the most part.

I will add that mGear rocks! :grinning:

hello @kat
Are you using windows scaling?
Checked your cinqid specs on the Wacom web. Look like your display is 4K I guess you have scaling active to 200%. If that is the case just lowering the scaling it will help to see the buttons better, but sadly will not fix the issue and of course, everything will become smaller.

For the moment this is the best solution I can offer. Supporting scaling with PySide is more involved than I wish, and for the moment not that many people is having this issue.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for checking that out so quickly Miquel, really appreciate it! I tried lowering the scaling, but it didn’t change anything. But I’ve been able to work around it - the buttons are selectable and the tooltips help me identify which button is which without being able to read the text on the button. So it’s all good, as they say.


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