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Anything to pay attention when using the Pose Editor?

Is there anything to pay attention when using Mayas native Pose Editor?
I dont have access to Shapes here in the studio so i have to use the Pose Editor.

Hello again @oglu

We seem to be on the same time zone…
There’s a lot to take into account when using the pose editor and the pose interpolator node itself when creating correctives. I am not as talented in explaining things by text as @chrislesage is :yum:

What I can propose is doing a quick Skype call as I did in other occasions with other riggers so that I can do a quick half hour session where I explain this several things to you. If you’re up for it let me know.

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Thanks for the offer. At the moment im covered with work but i will come back.
Im based in central Europe.

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i would be interested too!

Hello @david_s @oglu

I leave in Belgium so that’s GTM+2
I can plan a quick Zoom presentation this Friday at 14h (Belgium time).
I will probably do a live recording of this so that I post it on Youtube on a private link if you want.

Let me know if this works for you

If i have no other meeting i would jump in on Friday.
Im in the same time Zone (Austria).

A Youtube Video would be also great!


almost missed the answer :stuck_out_tongue: jeah cool im in :wink: same timezone as well!

Hello guys

Here’s the link for the Youtube live tomorrow

The chat will be available so that I can answer to questions if any.


Thanks i will be there.

Many thanks Jerome this was awsome!

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Any time. I could have explained all in a faster rhythm but I like detailing why I make certain choices. The pose editor itself isn’t perfect but the Pose Interpolator node works pretty well. I have done productions rigs with this on a full biped and it behaves nicely and the fact of been able to separate the twist axis from the other two in how the blendshapes get driven is crucial in certain cases.

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Thanks again. I will give it a try and report the mentioned issues to Autodesk if they are still in Maya 2020. I do an update on my mgear man if i get it working.

Hi Jerome,

Is there a way to import “pre-modeled shapes” into Maya’s PoseEditor to setup PSDs? Basically, when you are in EDIT mode, is there a way to insert/input a pre-modeled shape and have poseEditor register that? I’m not a fan of the “EDIT” live mode in Maya… I’d like the freedom to sculpt my shapes in Zbrush or whatever and pop them into Maya poseEditor.

Also, when you mirror the poseInterpolator from Left/Right, I notice that it doesn’t create a “rightCorrective” blendshape but instead sticks all the new “right” shapes under the “leftCorrective” blendshape… any suggestions on doing this correctly?

Hope you are safe and well

Hey Navin

Yes you can plug your blendshape at any time. I will send you a video with how to do this in several different ways but you can already check a little bit of it here at this moment of the video

oh great. Thanks Jerome.