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Arm_2jnt_04: orientation issue(the forearm jnt and ctl )

I just noticed that the joints and tweak controllers of the forearm are twisted on the module arm_2jnt_04 once the rig builds. The other modules for the arm are not twisted and work fine. Does this indicate a bug or is it an intended setup? @chrislesage @Miquel

If it is a bug, I will make a ticket and will work on the issue.

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Hey jojo,

I can’t imagine a scenario where that would be intended. Without looking too deeply, I’d call it a bug.

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Thank you for the quick reply, Chris.

Me neither, I can’t imagine a scenario. so I’ve created an issue.

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I have created a pull request with this issue fixed.
The bug occurs when the Align wrist to guide orientation option is enabled.

In this case, the wrist matrix was initially defined based on a guide wrist orientation, which resulted in the wrist orientation being flipped in relation to the elbow and the shoulder joint, leading to a twist in the forearm joint and controller. I got a proper orientation for the wrist using getTransformLookingAt, not orientation from an exact guide then it is fixed.

[Wrong axis]

[Correct Axis]

@jojo2468ng I am very sorry for the late reply but that is a feature and not a bug :sweat_smile:

When you activate align wrist to guide orientation. Please note the new axis icon in the wrist locator, to indicate the orientation an pre-twist of the joints

Thank you for the reply. I see it is a feature :innocent:

It is a bit annoying that we can’t see the final axis with a guide.
I could notice the result easily If it indicates.

you can see the axis in the guide. The wrist locator will show the indicator when the option is activate :wink:

@Miquel I mean the other joints like shoulder and elbow.
we can’t see the all of final axis’s until the rig build.

Oh I understand now. Yep that is a lot of work to visualice before build. :sweat_smile:
Also we have orientation offsets for joints.
I usually build just the component to see the orientations and edit later. Like in the video :stuck_out_tongue:

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I want to implement the new feature down the road! haha
Go ahead and close my pull request.