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arm_C0_fk0_ctl-Rotation has values


I am sorry if this phenomenon occurred when I made a mistake in some process.

I created arm_ms_2jnt_01 and rotated root to make an arrow pose.

And I built a rig, arm_C0_fk0_ctl’s rotation had a value.

arm_2jnt_01, rm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 did not have a value.

Is only arm_ms_2jnt_01’s specification like this?

Maya 2017 Update 5
GEAR version : 2.6.1
= SHIFTER RIG SYSTEM ==============================================

= GUIDE VALIDATION ==============================================
Checking guide
Get options
Get controllers
Get components
shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Find recursive in [ 0:00:00.084000 ]
Get parenting for: shoulder_C0
Get parenting for: arm_C0
Guide loaded from hierarchy in [ 0:00:00.086000 ]

= BUILDING RIG ==============================================
Initial Hierarchy
Init : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Init : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Objects : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Objects : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Properties : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Properties : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Operators : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Operators : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Connect : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Connect : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Joints : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Joints : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Finalize : shoulder_C0 (shoulder_01)
Finalize : arm_C0 (arm_ms_2jnt_01)
Cleaning jnt org
Creating groups
// Result: rig_controllers_grp //
// Result: rig_sets_grp //
// Result: rig_componentsRoots_grp //
// Result: rig_sets_grp //
// Result: rig_deformers_grp //
// Result: rig_sets_grp //

Undo history have been flushed to avoid possible crash after rig is build.

More info: https://github.com/miquelcampos/mgear/issues/72 #

= SHIFTER BUILD RIG DONE ================ [ 0:00:01.501000 ] =======!


Hello @koji

This seems to be an issue with the arm_ms_2jnt_01 component itself.
I have logged the issue on our github https://github.com/mgear-dev/shifter_classic_components/issues/15

For now you can use this to fix your issue. Just select the FK control and run the following script while we release a newer version of mGear and I have a confirmation from Miquel on this.

from maya import cmds

def run():
    """ Quick path for issue: https://github.com/mgear-dev/shifter_classic_components/issues/15 """
    sel = cmds.ls(selection=True)
    if not sel:
        cmds.warning("Please select a control to reset")
    parent_node = cmds.listRelatives(sel[0], parent=True)
    position = cmds.xform(sel[0], query=True, worldSpace=True, matrix=True)
    cmds.parent(sel[0], world=True)
    {cmds.setAttr("{}.rotate{}".format(parent_node[0], axe), lock=False) for axe in ("X", "Y", "Z")}
    cmds.xform(parent_node[0], matrix=position, worldSpace=True)
    cmds.parent(sel[0], parent_node[0])
    {cmds.setAttr("{}.rotate{}".format(parent_node[0], axe), lock=True) for axe in ("X", "Y", "Z")}


Sorry for the trouble. I will get back to you with more information about this.


Thank you for your response.
I am looking forward to the new version.