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Attach locators to Nurbs surface patch

Is there an automated way to attach locators to a nurbs surface patch/face similialy to how the follicles can attach to a nurbs surface when adding hair?

I had to first create follicles then create locators under each follicle but as you can imagine, that is a few extra steps and I’m just wondernig if there is an easier way.

Hey Ross, I shared a script to do it here Matrix Pinning to a Surface in Maya

There is an option to specify a sourceObj, which will set the UV coordinates as close to the object as possible. Or you can specify the UV you want.

In Maya 2020+ there is also the uvPin and proximityPin nodes, but I still haven’t used them yet. (They are supposed to be a lot faster than follicle nodes.)

Hi Chris. I am actually Using the proximity pin to do a ribbon set up. But unlike the follicles which attach to the nurbs face automatically, you would have to find a manual way of doing it with the proximity pin.