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Attaching eyelids to face?

Hello, I followed “2.3 Rigbits: Eyer Rigger” video but I can’t work out how to make the newly created eyelid joints follow the head/rest of the body

I’ve tried setting the joint box to the eye or the head but I just get the same result.

Thanks for any help, really appreciated.

When you say “joint box”, do you mean “Head or Eye area Joint”? That is the joint that will act as the base joint for your eye skinCluster, when it does the automatic weighting. That doesn’t make the rig follow that joint. In your video you show the joints, but it is your controllers you need to make follow.

For the rig to follow you still need to parentConstrain or parent the eye controls. I am pretty sure that the eyes_rigger doesn’t do that for you. I parent and scale constrain eye_L_root and eye_R_root to my own controls in the head, in a POST script.

Wow that was incredibly obvious and easy, I’m so sorry for wasting your time. I was up pretty late so I guess I wasn’t thinking properly.

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Not at all, no worries. I had to double-check my own POST scripts to make sure. I guess it would actually be useful and intuitive for the eyes_rigger to be able to attach itself to the rig as one of the options too.

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