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Auto range of motion generation for skinning


Hey all. Way back in the day (I haven’t rigged day-to-day in a while as my job was more in simulation), I used to have this script with my rigging tools that would crudely drop -90 to +90 rotations on all 3 axis on selected controllers one after the other as keyframes on the timeline. This was handy when you were doing skinning to just play the timeline back and start painting anything that looked weird.

Is there anything like this in MGear that I may have missed?

At ILM we just had a standard mocap anim that we would drop on the character for that. If you’re up for it we (themocapstudio.co.uk) are happy to donate such a mocap file for the standard mgear biped that can be integrated directly into the toolset as a test animation.


Hi @slegrand,

mGear don’t have any test out of the box. We (at the studio) do have some Studio library clips to check deformations.
I know this tool contains something similar to your description of -90, +90 motions https://github.com/WebberHuang/DeformationLearningSolver

But yes! I think include something by default can be super good for everybody. Do you have something that can be drop in the template biped rig? also, do you have something for the hands and fingers? this is always really hard to find.

Thanks for the help!


Ok, I’m working on a project that requires a good mocapped range of motion animation. So I’ll record that and donate it to you when it’s ready. It may take a few weeks as I’m working on many things at once.

I will put finger motion into it as well.



Awesome! Thank you very much for this contribution @slegrand. I am looking forward for it :slight_smile: