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autoCOG - constraint cycle dependancy on body



i am trying to setup an auto COG on the body_C0 for the biped guide/rig so the body auto follows the movement of the ik legs (like “center btw legs” in advanced skeleton).
but when it comes to parent constraint the body_C0_ik_cns group, i get a cycle on the contraint.
i dont know why?
my setup is as follow:
-locator “autoCOG” under the local/global controller -> point_constraint 50/50 on the legs ik controllers
-body_C0_ik_cns -> parent_constraint on the “autoCOG” locator => cycle dependancy…

any hints how to setup correctly without cycles?


Hi @soulcage

The leg IK controls are under a hierarchy affected by the body control. You need to cut the hierarchy manually or with a custom step .

TIP: If the IK control only have one space in the IK ref array section, will parent to the space instead of create the parent constrain setup for switching between spaces.



thanks a lot for the hint.
now it works without cycle…
btw., by cutting the …_ik_cns and putting them under the local_ctl, the ik system works as expected…
maybe i find the time to make a custom step, so there will be an option to make an auto follow COG…