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Biped guide, alternate components


does the biped guide with the synoptic, only work with the components it comes with?
or could you switch it out with other components?

leg_ms_2jnt or leg 3jnt ?

I’m assuming the synoptic doesn’t build itself with custom rigs


You are correct in assuming the synoptic doesn’t built itself, but it is rather easy to take the existing biped synoptic and change it suit your needs with Qt Designer. The synoptic is name base, for both controls and attributes, so switching out leg_2jnt with leg_ms_2jnt should work, but with leg_3jnt you’re going to have to another widgets for the additional fk controls.


hmm, I’ve never seen QT designer before, but some you tubing shows it’s wysywig -like design. maybe I can pick it up from videos,



Hello @eug

Yes you need to edit the picker names from the default one to the new configuration.

Here is a tutorial of how to do it: