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Blending Space switching

Usually on rigs there are an attribute called “isolate” or “global” that simply just orients the Fk control to either the parent control or to the Main control/world control.
You usually get this on the head, arms and legs so you don’t need to counter animate those controls from what the body is doing, and you are able blend smoothly between them.
Is this somehow possible within Mgear or is this something i need to setup manully after the rig is generated?

Thanks for a great tool!

Hi Calle,

Rotation isolation:
Miquel said it is possible to do orientation space switching, but it is not visible from the GUI. I don’t personally know if this was added in a later release of mGear yet.

Blending smoothly:
As far as I know, the space switches do not blend smoothly. They are controlled by an enum attribute. So if you wanted a smooth blend, I think you would have to set it up yourself.

Jerome talked about that here: Progressive space switch - IK Reference Array


Thank you, i’ll do manually, its not a big deal. would be great to if it got added at some point though :slight_smile:

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