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Brows rig , joint rotation doesn't work fine

Hi everyone,
this is my first post for showing you what going wrong on my rig. I’ve posted a screen shot same rig but re-builded on version of mgear different: ver. 3.7.9 left and ver. 3.6.0 on right. What goes wrong of joints orientation?
Thanks in advance


I turned back to old version 3.6.0

You having this problem too? I’ve noticed similar behavior with the lip rigger in version 3.7.9 compared to 3.6.6 where the joints don’t roll correctly.

Hello, @tony_H Thanks for the feedback.
I can reproduce the issue and log it here

I will fix it ASAP.


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I have found the issue and now is working

I will test with the other facial tools since this probably was affecting the other tools :slight_smile: