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[bug] [naming rules] Mirror Shape

I have few bugs about mGear. It’s about naming rules.
Here are the bugs I encountered :

  • if the controls sides are named “Left” or “Right” instead of “L” and “R”, the Mirror Control Shape tool won’t work. The shape is dupplicated at the opposite side but with a wrong pivot point. Whatever the Letter Case used.
  • if {component} isn’t isolated from other parameters, the Mirror Control Shape tool won’t work either.

The fix I found is to separate the parameters (and {component}) with underscores, and so it forces me to use “Center” naming rules because if there are undescores and the Center parameter is empty, I will have multiple names with two “__”.
Also, I kept the “L” and “R” conventions for controlers, and “Left” / “Right” for bones because I have no choice but to keep full names in skeletons.

Repro :

  1. Import a template (biped template, game template)
  2. go to naming rules and in Controls Naming Rule, you can use for exemple : {extension}_{side}{component}_{description}_{index}. As you see here, {component} is sticked to {side}.
  3. Build the rig
  4. Edit a controler and go to Rigbits > Mirror Control Shape and choose “Selection”.

You can follow the same steps for the other bug (about sides convention) but juste use “Left” or “Right” instead default parameters and you’ll see.

It would be nice that the Mirror Control Shape tool use the convention used and not only the one from the template.

Thank you in advance

Thanks for the feedback @remicc
I will check on this ASAP