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Build chest controlers

Hello guys,

I’ll try to create boobs controlers for my female character.
I create guides control_01 parented to spine_ik_02.

The hierarchy is ok after rig building. But, when I use spine_C0_ik1_ctl to squash and stretch the hole spine.
Boobs controls don’t follow properly the behaviours.

If I have to make a custom step, or If you have a solution, I will be glad to read from you.

Thank you so much !

Hey hello!

Not sure if is the best method or if you already did it but, try parenting the breasts components (control_01) to spine_C0_eff instead of spine_C0_root.
This way both breasts controls should follow chest movement, either using IK or FK.

And to make the joints scale at same rate of spine when stretching/squashing, for control_01 component on Joint Settings, do the Parent Joint Index be one index below the number of divisions you are using on spine_C0_root component (i.e. if you have 5 divisions, control_01 index should be 4).

In the image attached I built one side with the default settings on control_01 and the other I changed like described.

I hope it helps you.


Sorry, reading it again, maybe I misunderstood what you said :sweat_smile:
If possible, send a screenshot of the result you are getting and mark what is not behaving properly. :bowing_man:t6:

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Hello !

I made a mistake on spine placement.

I have placed spine_C0_eff close to neck. Then breast controls were influenced by stretching / squatching.

Now I fixed spine and make guides connections as you explained and everything works.
(As you can see with screenshot in attachement. Sorry for my skinning, is completly wip)

Thank you for your help !!

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