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Cannot use rig1 to drive root_drv

We seem to have some troubles use the mGear.
After export from MetaHumans to Maya.
We tried to add controller to the skeleton.
We tried mGear_Master and mGear beta4.0 with maya 2019-2022.
Following the steps,everything is working until last step.
When we click build, we got rig1 successfully.
But we can’t ues rig1 to drive root_drv. And we couldn’t make our actor model move.
Maybe we missed a step. Can you tell what went wrong?
Hope to hear from you soon. It’s very important for our project.
Thanks in advance.

您好,不知道您是否观看了mGear 4.0.0 Beta 1这个帖子当中的视频。

来判断区别在于Joints Slider Naming和MetaHuman的关节名称不一致,您可以更改为小写“l”或者“r”尝试一下。
Shifter: naming rule side for joints and Ctl separated option #19
Shifter: Naming rule support for index padding #16

玩的愉快 :grinning:

We uninstalled mGear Master. Then we tried mGear 4.0.0 Beta 1. It’s working now. Problem solved! Thanks a lot!!!
By the way, what’s the difference between Master and 4.0.0 Bate?

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From my understanding, Master is the active development git repository where things are being worked on now. And the 4.0.0 Beta is a packaged-up release, intended to be downloaded and used. (Or at least tested carefully, since it is Beta.)