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Chain_01 aim axis



i want to use the chain_01 component for a simple fk head…
its parented under a spine ik component.
when i build the rig, the spine controllers have a
y-up, but the chain controller have a x- up, which leads in inconsistent rotation axis, if all controllers schoud rotate around y…
how can i inherit the spines rotation axis to the chain component?
i tried to look to the init.py code of the chain_01 component and modify the normal and binormal variables, but no success. it always builds with the x-axis in up…
any hints?
(i am on v2.5.xx)


@soulcage There is no option to do that . But you can use control_01 component to build a simple FK chain with full control of the orientation.


Just checking, but are you restarting Maya or reloading the components after editing chain_01 init.py? Otherwise your changes won’t be loaded.

I ran into that problem for a few times when I was editing my first custom component.


i was doing reloading…i see that axis are switching, but not so that the y axis shows up…
the normal and binormal seems not to be the right thing to change…
maybe a transform function…the spine and neck use a look-at transform function, the chain_01 use a different one…


thanks for the hint with the control_01…i made it that way.