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Chain_net MGear 4.0.1

Hi guys,
I’m trying to do a feather rigging with mgear, using chain_net for each feathers, influenced by 2 masters.
I’m really struggle, I’m trying to do the same settings than this video, but each feathers have the same influences. mgear 3.1 - Chain Net - YouTube
How can i distribuate my influence graduatly if this is currently not working ?
Thanks in advice and have a nice day

Update: The bias is transfered to my intermediates chains but the same value is applied to them(0.5). Is there a new way to do that in mGear 4.1 ?

Hello @Sandra_Leydier
I guess is a configuration issue. Can you share a sample file? just the guide will be enough

Sure, you can get it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NoGH7vxh6OhKgoBJJRS_LiIR_yLHmMY8/view?usp=sharing

using chain_net_01 you need to set one uiHost for each component to avoid sharing the same channel. That is why the blend is shared with all components with value .5

or use chain_net_02 that have the blend attr automatically added to the first FK of each chain

Ho, thanks ! I don’t found chain_net_02 in the Guide Manager :x

This working for now with the UI_host, but I’m wondering how can I make my feathers following my master_feather if I’m moving my arm. Cause, there is no transform on my master applied


Oh! I will check if chain_net_02 is in the public repo and add it if not. Thanks for the feedback