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Change duplicate sym axis

Is there a way to change the axis on the duplicate sym?

Hi, welcome

Short answer: Not from the GUI, no.

Longer answer: Are you comfortable with code at all? (If you’re not, I’m writing this out for anyone else who searches this.)

The duplicate symmetry command is duplicateSym() in the file mgear/rigbits/__init__.py
It calls getSymmetricalTransform(t) from mgear/core/transform.py

That function has an optional flag axis, which you can use to specify the axis. But it isn’t coded as an option in the GUI, at least not yet.

So for example, to find the mirror transform in Z, you could call:
t = transform.getSymmetricalTransform(t, axis="xy")
(There may be other things you’d have to change and edit as well.)


yeah I figured it was only by code that we were able to do that, well thank you for your help I’ll try that out :slight_smile: