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Chicken style IK

First of all,

Thank you for making this rigging system available and maintain it.

When I use the option I can get what I need( only the position space to the target control), But the problem for me is that it applies to the FK control, not to the IK control, is there a way I can fix this?

Here are the screenshots


I can`t seems attatch images here yet.

Thank you,

What option? I don’t get what you are referring to, or what the screenshots are showing. Can you please try to give more information?

When I use the following option, It kinda of works the way I want it.


Except, for the"Chicken head" effects applied to the FK control, WhileI would like to apply this to the IK controls

This is an image screen capture of the animation.

I would like to see a red circle orientation to the world in this case, not the cube.

Is this possible?

Thank you.