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Choosing between World Up Y or Z?


I have always go with Maya default’s World Up Y coordinate system, never had any reason to use the Z up until recently as I tried to build a rig for Unreal engine, as the game engine is using Z Up, and mgear’s EPIC Mannequin Template is also using Z-up.

I am not sure if i should also build my rig using Z-up because one of the concern i had is it might be hard to work with other existing Y Up rig or scene. It might be as easy as simply rotating the rig and things will be fine but i imagine the data will be stored differently and so perhaps certain tools/scripts will need to be modified to manipulate or transfer the data and another thing that come into my mind is poses that i stored in pose library (eg. i using Studio Library) won’t work if they are saved with different world coordinate system? there might be other issues i am not aware of so hope someone with more experience can share their insight on when to use Z-up and any advantages to choose one over the other…

I haven’t yet tried using the “epic” modules, but so far
from my experience I’ve always worked with the default Y up in maya
and no problems occured when exporting to unreal so for me I don’t really see a reason
to change it but maybe someone else will have insights about this

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next mGear release will have templates with Y-up and Z-up

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Thanks, nice to know that!

Thanks Miquel! that will be great!

I am currently trying out the Z-up epic template because i am also facing the leg issue like in this thread (EPIC_leg_01 leg_l_tweak flip), eager to switch to Y-up once it’s ready :smiley: