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Connect Synoptic's IK/FK arm button to custom arm

Hi guys,
I created a rig from Biped template, but modified it by replacing template arms with ones from the same biped template, but modified (reduced fingers number) and pre-saved. As a result, I can normally select all arm’s controls with Synoptic, but IK/FK arm (Right or Left) button doesn’t work. I really need this whole timeline space transfer in my rig. How should I fix this?

Sorry I don’t have a direct answer for you. But the Anim Picker also has the space transfer tools, and is MUCH easier to edit than the Synoptic. So you can more easily edit differences in your hierarchy.

I’m not caught up with any changes to the space switch code in 3.7.9, but I do remember I had to edit some code in 3.6 to handle my hierarchy when space switching. Part of the problem was also that the UIHost parameter names didn’t match what the code was expecting (because I had altered hierarchy and names too). So part of the fix is sometimes renaming the parameters or the values on your controllers, so the code can find the right UIHost.

Could you be more specific about “doesn’t work”, like including error messages, or explaining how it misbehaves? And what version of mGear are you using?

@Anton_Timofeev I agree we @chrislesage .
It is recommended to use Anim_picker. Synoptic is not in development anymore

Thanks guys, I’ll switch to Anim_picker then!