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Controller UI (the shape doesn't work)

Hi guys, i working in a rigg in maya, i started use mgear and its my first rigg.
i have a question, once finished the build on guides, my next step is to build a character but when it finishes building it does not create the shape of the nodes to exchange between ik/fk, it is created as a null instead of a crtl, i attach the images and sorry for my english <3333

Underneath controllers_org. You have a bunch of empty transforms for all of your UI controls. When the rig builds, it takes the shapes it finds from underneath that group. And if you have no shape, then it makes a controller with no shape.

So to fix this problem, just DELETE all of the empty _controlBuffer nodes underneath controllers_org.

That should fix the problem. But I don’t know why they got there in the first place.

Niceeeeee, this answer as a fix for me, thanks <3