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Corrective blendshapes or pose space deformation?



One questions: for charcater rigging, is better corrective blendshapes or pose space deformation?
What is the difference?
Which one is more efficient in terms of speed?

Thank you,


Hello Alex

You are actually talking about the same thing here :grinning:
I wont talk about the history of it but basically Pose Space Deformation refers to using poses to drive correctives shapes.

There are a lot of different ways to drive corrective blendshapes with a rig and it is actually long to go into each case but if you are talking about using a pose based driver there are several ways to achieve that. mGear’s comes with Brave Rabbit weightDriver that is used in conjunction with its tool SHAPES. When it comes to driving blendshapes and setuping them up SHAPES is a most have. That been said the weightDriver can be use to drive lots of different things, not only blendshapes.

Maya has as well it’s own Pose Space deformation system called Pose Editor/Pose Interpolator. The pose editor is the UI that will help you setting up Pose Interpolators that will drive your corrective blendshapes.

I recommend you to take a look at this videos from Ingo (Brave Rabbit)

And here an introduction to Maya’s Pose Editor

I do recommend checking out more newer documentation for Maya’s pose editor.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Mr. Jerome.

I use Shapes 5.0 and the new Pose Space Editor too, but I dont know if it is the same thing or not.
Before I also used Extract Deltas with set drive key by hand.

“Using the Pose Editor, you can fix these problems with a technique known as pose space deformation (PSD). You first create a Pose Interpolator node for a selected joint, and each node contains different poses. For each pose, you rotate or move the character’s joint where there is a skin deformation problem, and then create or use an associated corrective blend shape (called a pose shape) to fix the problem. These blend shapes are then automatically used whenever the character’s joint reaches that pose. You can set the strength (weight) of each shape for its pose as you like, and have them interpolate between each other and the skin mesh.”

PSD is only a blend shape with set drive key!?

Shapes 5.0 is the same of Maya pose space deformer? I think yes. Ii is right?

Thanks a lot.


Actually no… and yes :smiley: It’s semantics and nothing else. Pose Space Deformations is just another way to drive blendshapes. SetDrivenKeys can’t help you on all cases because they are driven by a single attribute (ex: RotateY to BlendshapeA).

Pose Base drivers like Maya’s Pose Interpolator or SHAPES weigthDriver drive blendshapes in a different way so that they are not restricted to one single attribute driving a blendshape but rather it’s a pose.

All this techniques are good to use. They all work in specific cases. It is not one better than the other.

To be more precise.
The Pose Editor is a tool to be able to handle Pose Based Deformation just like SHAPES does.
The Pose Editor uses the PoseInterpolator node to drive the blendshapes and SHAPES uses the weightDriver to do so (That been said SHAPES allows you to drive blendshapes with setDrivenKeys, directConnections, PoseInterpolator, and it’s weight driver in two different modes RBF or ConeAngle).

Let me know if this information isn’t helping…

Ho and be the way. Just call me Jerome is fine :smiley:


Perfect Mr Jerome (I prefer it like this … I respect your great job as a mGear developer and will reset it even more when it works with Maya’s native nodes … then you will become a wonder Jerome :smiley: ).
Ok, now, after your explanation, it’s much clearer!
PSD and SHAPES work as Michael Comet’s old PSD script (

It is also possible to guide the forms using the UV values ​​of a nurbs plan …


All the credits for mGear goes mainly to @Miquel

Yes, I sometimes use nurbsSpheres u values to drive corrective shapes. Again there are lots of way of driving things in rigging :smile: