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Crash Merging animlayer


Hello, on maya 2017 with the default biped rig if I have a layer in additive to modify an arm or forearm or hand either in fk or Ik. When I want to merge the base layer with animlayer1 in smart bake this makes maya crash 100 %
If I do the same on any other controlers spine, head it works fine but as soon as add one arm controler merging layer will crash and if I remove it it works again. Do you have any idea on how to fix that ?

Thanks a lot,



Hi @alex6ber

I will ask some animator here at the studio, Is the first time I hear this issue. But we are using 2018.2 so not sure if we can reproduce the issue.
did you try if this happens with other Maya versions?

Thanks for the feedback.


couldn’t get it to crash in 2018.3 or 2016…did you add an attribute or something to the animation layer that isn’t a regular transform node/?


Here same think, not body remember crash on that. (at less the animators I have asked)


Our animators had issues with animation layers in 2017, but was with Maya in general as we weren’t using mGear at the time. 2017 is hot mess of stability even with the service packs. I would recommend updating 2018 if at all possible.


I tried on another computer with maya 2017 but not the latest service pack and I can’t reproduce the bug. Maybe it’s the computer or the version of servive pack. But anyway I made some research and even autodesk says that maya 2017 is really not stable with animation layer. On monday I’ll switch to 2018 and see if the bug is still there. Thanks for all your answer it definitely looks like a maya 2017 bug.


Ok I tested with maya 2018 the same scene on same computer and it’s not crashing anymore \o/