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Create stitch chain?

Hello !!

I am a new user of mGear autorig and I was wondering if it is possible to create a stitch chain (attach to a surface nurbs) ?

I am asking, because I was on a studio, with a custom autorig and we used this stitch chain especially for driving clothes elements like ties, scarf, apron,… and can be offset by the ctrls.

It works like this :

  • chain attach to a surface nurbs
  • surface nurbs wrapped (or not = skin) on a mesh.
  • use a uvPin for constraint the jorig of the chain (with normal and tangent attributes)

I tried to create a custom stitch chain, using the chain files, but I am a little lost in all that files and folders… but is there already a template that allows to do it ?


Hello @tdufour

Maybe this video can help you to create the custom component that you need :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer, I am gonna check this !

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