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Difference between spine_Ik_01, spine_Ik_02, spine_S_shape



I have been using mgear from quite a while. But I do not know what is the difference between spine Ik 01, spine Ik 02, & spine_S_shape. I tend to use spine_s_shape or spine_Ik_02. But I would like to know whats the difference between those three.

Thank You


Hi @niteshms04

Spine_ik_02 have a hip joint. should be consolidate as an option in version 01 in some point

Spine S shape. Allow to create spines with curvature. The spine_ik only creates straight spines.

I hope this little explanation helps :slight_smile:



Thank You. I use Spine S shape when I have to work on a quadruped as it has Ik world orientation option. If I work on Spine_Ik_02 the controls orientation doesn’t match the world space orientation for quadruped. So could you please add world space orientation to spine_ik_02 when you are free.

Thanks again for mgear


@niteshms04 I take note, but I can’t promise anything. The mGear To Do list is never ending, and the task are tackle base in what we need at the studio or other developer needs. No really “free time” :stuck_out_tongue: